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Bitmask is free software for Riseup VPN. There is an AUR package for Bitmask. If users have name resolution problems while using Bitmask, users could make sure that there are nameservers listed in their resolv.conf. If this becomes a regular problem, users could preserve DNS settings or make a resolv.conf for regularly copying to /etc. Only applications that require name resolution are affected by this. Applications like Tor Browser will not be affected.

Bitmask can also freeze when switching networks such as wireless to wireless or wireless to Ethernet, so one way to troubleshoot, especially if users get a DNS error, is to check the Bitmask systemtray icon for responsiveness. If it is unresponsive, then users can kill Bitmask through a task manager and run Bitmask again after its child process has disappeared. If users were running a network application that cannot reconnect, it might be best for users to save to their work and restart the application, so if possible, users should take care when changing networks.