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1 Device information

The differences and support in Parabola are summarized in the table below:

Revision Chip Support Status
JH7100 RISC-V 64bit (U74) working. Custom kernel patches are needed to address L2 Cache and other hardware issues. No WiFi.
JH7110 RISC-V 64bit (U74) TBA

1.1 Other resources

Manufacturer Spec-sheet | Data Sheet | Official "Getting Started" Guide | Central Read-Me

2 Upstream status

For the supported versions:

Software Upstream Support Status
Linux in progress. planned for JH7110
u-boot (bootloader) in progress.
OpenSBI (firmware interface) in progress.

Here's the user interface status:

Display USB Keyboard UART USB OTG Ethernet
Bootrom  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
U-boot (bootloader)  ?  ? Settings: 1152008N1 (from u-boot environment)  ?  ?
Linux  ?  ? Settings: 1152008N1 (from /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf)  ? Works but needs usual user configuration
Systemd  ?  ? Settings: 1152008N1 (from /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf)  ? Works but needs usual user configuration
OpenRC  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Xorg  ?  ? N/A
Wayland  ?  ? N/A

3 Booting

See the table below to see which storage devices you can install the booloader on:

Storage device Bootloader can be installed
MicroSD  ?
eMMC  ?
USB keys, USB Hard drive, etc  ?

4 Installation

Available bootloaders:

  • comes preinstalled with OpenSBI with u-boot payload configured for ext4linux.

5 Free software status

6 Technical references

dts  ???,dts
u-boot configuration  ???_defconfig