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Because there is a huge number and variety of ARM computers, Parabola can not claim to support all hardware, as completely as the more common x86 hardware.

On x86, Parabola doesn't need to have any computer specific packages (like uboot4extlinux-a20-olinuxino-lime2-emmc) or computer specific installation guides (though it might be a good idea to do it to make it easier to install).

In addition to basic software support, Parabola maintains this list and detailed install guides for a small set of those ARM computers, which are deemed to be highly desirable from a software/hardware freedom perspective, and are designated with high-priority support status.

Each of these are in the possession of at least one active Parabola team member; which is an essential requisite for bug-triage, trouble-shooting and bug-squashing.

Given that most of the available options are comparable in computing power and cost, this limited set of recommended hardware, also helps users to decide among such an assortment, differing mainly in minutia, obscured with technical jargon.

Product Maker Parabola wiki page
BeagleBone Black Texas Instruments, others? Computers/BeagleBone Black
Lime2 Olimex Computers/Olimex_Lime2
Lime2 (eMMC) Olimex Computers/Olimex_Lime2_eMMC