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1 Status

See The Libreplanet research article for more details on booting.

2 Booting from the existing bootloader

There are several versions of the board.

On the version that has "TBS-2910V23" written on it, the bootloader is already present in an eMMC partition.

It should already be free software as it's u-boot though:

  • We need to find the source code. It's probably on the manufacturer website.
  • We might want to update it to a new version as the version that I had didn't support using syslinux config files.

If you have a serial cable, you can then type the following:

ums 0 mmc 2

This will export the eMMC hardware partition that contain the OS (but not the bootloader).

It's then possible to just repartition the eMMC and install Parabola in there.

Once the Parabola rootfs is installed on the first partition, it's possible to load Parabola by creating a /uEnv.txt file with the following content:

mmcroot=/dev/mmcblk2p1 rw rootwait
optargs= loglevel=8 systemd.show_status=true