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Add information if it helps or clarifies.

Don't worry too much about formatting, Admins will look over and clean up the work.

1 You are an editor

  • The wiki is a collaborative effort
  • If you see an error on a page, or have an idea on how to improve it, sign in and make the change
  • If you aren't sure, then make a comment on the "discussion" tab for the page and sign it.
    • You can sign something by making 4 ~ in a row, or pressing the signature button in the edit toolbar (2nd from the right).
    • The result looks like this: --Encyclomundi 09:41, 22 June 2011 (PDT)

2 Creating pages

Use the i18n template on every page

You can use the LibreOffice extension wiki-publisher to create documents in WYSIWYG and then export them directly to this wiki in Wiki Markup. This is the easiest way to create a new page.

The editing tool bar also has the most frequently used edits, for your convenience. The editing tool bar headline button starts a level two heading because the title is level one, and everything on the page is its subheading; so please don't use level one headings. The Table of Contents is automatically created after making three headings.

To make a note, tip or warning, use the curly braces like this {{Tip|This is how we make a tip.}}. It will appear on its own line.

3 To create a table easily

  • Create a spreadsheet in Gnumeric or LibreOffice
  • Copy and Paste to this tool
  • Paste result into Wiki

4 i18n

For assistance please see the Help Page

5 Importing from Archwiki

You can link to an article on Archwiki thus: [[a:Prosody]] is the equivalent of [] and will display as a:Prosody

Step by Step:

  • Sign in to Parabola wiki
  • Go to the article you want to copy on Archlinux wiki
  • Go to source tab
  • Copy content
  • On Parabola wiki type the SAME article title in the search box, and GO
  • Choose to CREATE PAGE
  • At top of edit box type: {{i18n|TITLE OF THE ARTICLE}}
  • Paste in content from Archlinux wiki
  • CAREFULLY read the page and REMOVE any nonfree references
  • Add an acknowledgement at the end:
  • Repeat these same steps to add the page in other languages if available. Always use the ENGLISH title of the article in the i18n template

6 Source Code

We use the Geshi extension which allows direct rendering. Click on the link for supported languages and formats.

use <pre> To display a command line of code </pre>
 To display a command line of code
Or start the line with a space. To type something like the name of a command in monospace, you can use teletype tags (<tt></tt>), and to type some code in a paragraph, you can use code tags. To show a command, you can type {{cli|#}} to look like this:
$ locate -i srcbuild

7 Lists

  • Bullets—start the lines with an asterisk
    • 2nd level bullets get two asterisks
      • 3rd level get three, and so on.

7.1 Numbered Lists

  1. Ordered lists are indented and start with the pound/number symbol.
    • A mix would be proceeded by the parent sign (#*).
  • Another example
    1. One, two
    2. (*#)

8 See Also

More markup is available at MediaWiki, or you can copy the markup you desire from other pages on this wiki.