How to contribute to Parabola's Repositories

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1 Familiarize yourself with the Parabola build tools

2 Submitting Changes on a PKGBUILD

A good way to start contributing is to modify PKGBUILDs and submit the changes. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Find a package you want to upgrade, fix, or contribute as a packaging request
  • Create or find and modify a working PKGBUILD
  • Build it with makepkg. Install it, test it.
  • If it works, build it again in libretools, test it.
  • If that works, test that it builds for all 3 architectures.

If all that works, attach the entire PKGBUILD (or just a patch) to either a Redmine issue or the dev mailing list. Please document what you have learned, the licensing, or any special snags or caveats that were needed to build the software. Be patient while the devs look it over and double checking all the things; then hopefully, enjoy the package when it appears.

3 Adding new packages to [pcr]

When adding a new package, there are a few things to consider:

  • Check the license as completely as you can and document what you find
  • Ask yourself:
    • What is the maintenance load of this package?
    • Is it going to break often?
    • How difficult is it to fix?
    • How often will it or its 100 dependents (e.g. python, java) update and need reworking?
    • Am I willing to continue supporting this after contributing it?

Continual support, entails reworking patches and repeating the packaging procedure for future releases, for as long as one can. Ideally, that would be for years. Continual support is not expected for existing packages.

4 Creating -libre packages

See Creating -libre packages.

5 See also