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This page contains tips on installing Parabola GNU/Linux-libre on Purism‘s Librem Laptops. For general help on the installation procedure see the beginner‘s guide or the installation guide.

Purism is a social purpose corporation and has a focus on "combining the philosophies of the Free Software movement with the hardware manufacturing process, and to make it easy for individuals and businesses to have computers that they can trust and feel safe using" [1]. Although Librems are not fully free of binary blobs yet, Purism is working towards the RYF certification.

1 General

Librem Laptops come with the FSF endorsed PureOS preinstalled. The hardware is therefore fully compatible with Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, see [2] for a detailed overview. Librems include hardware killswitches (one for microphone/camera and one for wireless/bluetooth) to physically switch off the corresponding modules.

Bluetooth is not working with free drivers yet [3].

1.1 Installing GRUB2

Librems have a MBR partition table and come with coreboot+SeaBIOS. In order to install GRUB2, run (where X is the physical storage device’s identifier):

# grub-install --target=i386-coreboot --recheck /dev/sdX

1.2 Tips and Tricks

  • Turning the wireless killswitch off and on again may help establishing an internet connection during the installation.