MIPS Installation/Booting from USB stick

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After downloading the base tarball and extracting it to a ext2 partitioned USB stick, you can boot from it on your Yeeloong following these steps:

  • With the machine turned off, plug the USB stick into a port (I used the one on the left side)
  • Turn on the Yeeloong and press Del so the PMON pseudo-shell starts.
  • Load the kernel and the initrd image. Your device will be /dev/fs/ext2@usb0, (usb0,0) and /dev/sdc1, so
   PMON> load /dev/fs/ext2@usb0/boot/vmlinuz-linux-libre
         (loading messages...)
   PMON> initrd (usb0,0)/boot/initramfs-linux-libre-fallback.img
         (loading for a really long time)
   PMON> g root=/dev/sdc1 console=tty no_auto_cmd 

Note: Old base tarballs (before March, 2012) contained initramfs images without usb-storage modules, make sure to use the latest one or use the fallback image.