Migration from Antergos

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Migration from Antergos is very similar to Migration from Arch however there are more non-free components and antergos-specific programs which must be removed in order to ensure a proper installation of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre. It is advised to read both before attempting.

Manual Migration

Warning: This method has not been thoroughly tested, so it might be inaccurate.

Antergos GNU/Linux is distributed with a single iso but the user can choose between various desktop environments during the installation process. Some of them come with the program pamac, which is a frontend of pacman. The first thing to do, in order to avoid annoying messages, is to remove pamac completely.

$ kill -s SIGKILL $(pgrep pamac)
# pacman --remove -nus pamac

Now you will need to remove all packages that say "antergos" before Parabola GNU/Linux-libre can be properly installed.

One of the easiest ways to find this information is to run:

$ pacman -Qq | grep antergos

Then you can remove those packages like this:

# pacman -Rddnus $(pacman -Qq | grep antergos)

Next, remove the Antergos entry from pacman.conf. Open /etc/pacman.conf and remove the following lines:

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Server = http://mirrors.antergos.com/$repo/$arch/

Once done, proceed with a normal Migration from Arch. That will remove even more nonfree packages officially included in Antergos. If you find that any such package still exists after completing the migration, please report an issue.