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1 Choosing a Mirror

It is not necessary to prefer any mirror. The default mirrorlist (with multiple 'redirector' entries) is the most robust configuration; and all tier-1 and tier-2 mirrors serve exactly the same files (most tier-3 mirrors also do). A speed boots can often be achieved by preferring one mirror; but the difference is probably not drastic. The best metric for choosing a preferred primary mirror, is latency; which is mainly related to geographical proximity. This is why we indicate the geographical location of each mirror; but tools such as ping, traceroute, mtr/mtr-gtk, and the 'reflector' package can be useful gauges also.

The tables below, are mainly interesting to Parabola sysadmins, for sorting mirrors into tiers, and coordinating their sync schedules. The bandwidth figures are not to be taken as an indication of the download speed, which any client may get from that mirror. Even if some mirror exposes a total bandwidth of 100 times more than some other; it is not an indication that you will get faster downloads from that mirror. Mirror operators are free to partition and throttle connections. It is common for mirrors to throttle each connection to approximately 8Mbit, for example. That prevents one client from hogging all of the bandwidth, and making other clients wait. A higher bandwidth number is more of an indication, that the server can serve more clients simultaneously.

Likewise, there are some private mirrors listed, which do not serve packages publicly. These are listed to assist Parabola sysadmins with scheduling; because they pull from the main Parabola repo server.

2 Parabola Mirrors Sync Schedules

Note: none of this is implemented yet - it is a WIP - for example, it is not decided if there should be any "Tier 0 Sources"; but that would relieve a significant burden from 1984, to have only these pulling from winston


  • complete missing information ('?')
  • blank cells are non-applicable to their category
  • if we go with the "tier-0 sources" plan, notify those admins that they may restrict access only to our tier-1 mirrors, if they wish (effectively, opting out of the public network)
  • contact the mirrors mailing list and begin coordinating the final arrangement
  • after tiering is decided and implemented, delete the "DELETEME - tier-1 checklist items" - these are relevant only to determine the inital tiering arrangement

Tier 0 Sources
(These mirrors sync with repo.parabola.nu, continuously)
HostUpstreamMinuteIntervalLocationMb/s IPv6RSYNCIPSubscribedIRLGPGNotes
dotsrc.org parabola.nu :48 ?6h Denmark 10000 yes yes ? yes yes yes
ip-connect.vn.ua parabola.nu ? ? Ukraine 10000 yes yes ? yes yes ? missing: gpg
Tier 1 Mirrors
(These mirrors sync with a Tier-0 Source, multiple times per hour)
HostUpstreamMinuteIntervalLocationMb/s IPv6RSYNCIPSubscribedIRLGPGNotes
cyberbits.eu parabola.nu */10 10m France 1000 yes yes
yes yes yes
dotsrc.org parabola.nu :48 ?6h Denmark 10000 yes yes ? yes yes yes
freedif.org yandex.ru :15 4h Singapore 1000 no yes ? yes no no missing: irl,gpg
grapentin.org parabola.nu :00 ?4h Germany 1000 no no ? yes yes yes missing: rsync
ip-connect.vn.ua parabola.nu ? ? Ukraine 10000 yes yes ? yes yes ? missing: gpg
linux.pizza parabola.nu ? ? Sweden 1000 no yes ? yes ? ? missing: irl,gpg
uwaterloo.ca parabola.nu :55 ?12h Ontario 1000 yes yes ? no yes yes missing: mailing-list
Tier 2 Mirrors
(These mirrors sync with a Tier-1 Mirror, once per hour)
HostUpstreamMinuteIntervalLocationMb/s Notes
cloroformo.org ? :59 ? Spain 150
cyberbits.asia cyberbits.eu */10 10m Thailand 200
fsf.org ? :15 ?4h Massachusettes 1000 operator prefers tier 2
infania.net ? :12 ? Sweden 100
jeweet.net ? :38 ?4h Netherlands 100
quantum-mirror.hu ? ? ?4h Hungary 700
yandex.ru ? :05 ?6h Russian Federation ? bandwidth unknown - admin never responded to email
Tier 3 Mirrors
(These mirrors are unconstrained)
HostUpstreamMinuteIntervalLocationMb/s Notes
isacdaavid.info yandex.ru ? ? Netherlands 10000 operator prefers un-tiered
umu.se ? :10 ? Sweden 20 low bandwidth
Hackers Private Mirrors
(These mirrors are unconstrained and unrestricted)
HackerUpstreamMinuteInterval Notes
bill-auger parabola.nu ? ?4h
lukeshu (beefcake) parabola.nu ? ?4h
gnutoo parabola.nu ? ?4h