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nonsystemd is a repository that aims to provide software built and patched to correctly work without systemd. You can find an updated list of removed packages and eventual corresponding replacements at your-initfreedom blacklist. The purpose is to make possible to have a fully-working Parabola system without systemd or substitutions for it.

1 Activation of nonsystemd repo

Add the following lines in /etc/pacman.conf:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

# Enable this one only if you have [multilib] enabled
#Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
Note: [nonsystemd] repo should be above libre repo on /etc/pacman.conf to perform the package replacement after updating.

Upgrade installed packages from configured repositories:

# pacman -Syu

Then install your-initfreedom package:

# pacman -S your-initfreedom

The your-initfreedom package will advise you if some blacklisted package are installed on your system and if any replacement is available. This blacklist bans non-critical packages that only work with systemd or are made for it.

2 Criteria

Here it is described the criteria for candidate packages to be patched/rebuilt in [nonsystemd] or blacklisted.

your-initfreedom will conflict a package when:

  • It is made for systemd only.
  • It is a part of systemd without non-systemd replacements.

A package is rebuilt and/or patched when:

  • It works without systemd, but it was built for it.
  • Works only with systemd, but can be patched to work without it.
  • It depends on systemd, but doesn't really need it.

3 Help and contributions

If you need help or if you want to contribute to this project you can join #parabola channel on the Libera Chat network as well as the mailing list and the community forum.

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