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What the PDCS is

PDCS stands for Peer Distribution Coordination System.

Some people might want to use their VPS to seed packages for pacman2pacman, but not have enough disk space to host the entire repository.

We plan to make a simple web application into which the user enters how much disk space they have on their server and it gives them a list packages using most bandwidth that can fit into their disk space allowance.

It would be better to have different peers seeding different loads of packages. Therefore we might maintain a list of packages that people are already seeding.

mtjm has made a script for finding the best packages for a server-owner to seed: git clone git://git.mtjm.eu/knapsack.git

I think it's possible to ask the tracker which torrents are the least seeded and have pacman2pacman decide to seed those instead, as a way to evenly distribute peers. -- Fauno (talk) 16:18, 14 April 2014 (UTC)