Packages that need network in build

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Some packages require network during build(). The most common use of this is "git clone". After discussing this on IRC, mtjm and lukeshu agreed that needing network during build() and package() is bad.

  • If it is using "git clone", then it likely predates makepkg 4.1, which supports git:// URLs directly. ~lukeshu

Changing this suggests some hacking of the pacman package:

  • Change the examples in /usr/share/pacman/PKGBUILD-*.proto
    • The examples in /usr/share/pacman are largely junk, and have been for a long time. There's a lot of outdated stuff there. ~lukeshu
  • Hack makepkg to
    • act like it is passed the --holdver flag
    • add the --mksource flag, for which it
      • does what it currently does if you don't pass --holdver
      • run mksource()
    • This has been done, sort of. Look at `man librefetch`. ~lukeshu

Here's a quick grep to try to find maybe-violating packages:

$ grep -rlE '_(bzr|cvs|darcs|git|hg|svn)root' .