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This article or section is going to be deleted.
Reason: Obsolete.

On Get Parabola there is a nice live CD with MATE desktop and a menu-driven installer. Boots off of SD card just as well.

One can still go the Arch-GNU-Linux way and do it manually in a Konsole or xterm.

Bugtracker, repo asf.:

After clicking the CLI installer and exiting (right after the keyring etc. is updated), you can run

pacman -S dolphin

or whatever in a "MATE Terminal" so you have a better filemanager; mc ships preinstalled.

See also torrents & checksums at

Steps after basic installation

See also Parabola various hints.

The live CDROM will install a pretty basic set of packages only. To really be able to do advanced things, one needs to go beyond the few packages installed thus.

To avoid having to run pacman or octopi every five minutes requiring one to type password, YES, NO, ENTER hundreds of tiring times, you can handily use the below extended list of packages and install them with pacman -S `cat morePackagesList.txt` once you saved the below list as morePackagesList.txt

The resulting installation will be approx. 25 GigaBytes in size and takes approx. 40+ minutes to download.

    ... more to follow ...