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Jami is a new peer-to-peer communication solution, offering voice, video and chat in a decentralised and secure way. It is being developed by Savoir-faire Linux, a Canadian company specialising in Free Software.

The ancestors of Jami are [1] and SFLphone, a portable SIP/AIX software phone, also developed by Savoir-faire Linux. Jami retains most of the audio and SIP capabilities of Ring and SFLphone, while adding a Bittorrent-like DHT to completely avoid dependency on servers, and offering video and chat communication.

Additionally, Jami has a clean separation between daemon and user interface, and thus several interoperable clients are provided: Downloads.

1 Installation

Jami is currently packaged in Template:Libre, with the Qt frontend: jami-qt

2 Usage

$ jami

3 Acknowledgement

This wiki article is based on ArchWiki. We may have removed non-FSDG bits from it.