Ruby Gem Package Guidelines

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Package creation guidelines


Writing PKGBUILDs for software written in Ruby..

1 Package Naming

For libraries, use ruby-gemname. For applications, use the program name. In either case, the name should be entirely lowercase

2 Notes

Add --verbose to gem arguments to recive additional information in case of troubles.

Warning: Usage of --no-user-install gem argument is mandatory since latest Ruby versions (See Issue#28681 for details).

3 Example PKGBUILD

An example PKGBUILD can be found at /usr/share/pacman/PKGBUILD-rubygem.proto, which is in the abs package.

4 Automation

Abhishek Dasgupta wrote gem2arch to aid in automating the process of creating a ruby gem PKGBUILD. Make sure to manually check the PKGBUILD after generation.