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1 Added Packages

The following Packages were added compared to the corresponding ArchWiki page:

1.1 Email clients

1.1.1 Graphical

  • Iceape — Email client included in the libre internet suite Iceape based on SeaMonkey. || iceape
  • Icedove — Fork of Mozilla Thunderbird. || icedove

1.2 News Aggregators

1.2.1 Graphical

  • Icedove — Email client which also functions as a pretty nice news aggregator. || icedove

1.3 Web browsers

1.3.1 Graphical Gecko-based
  • Iceape — Libre internet suite based on SeaMonkey. || iceape
  • Icecat — GNU version of the Firefox browser || icecat || iceweasel

2 Removed Packages

The following Packages were removed compared to the corresponding ArchWiki page altough they are in the official repositories (Reason: pending freedom isues):

2.1 Web browsers

2.1.1 Graphical Gecko-based Browsers based on qt5-webengine
  • Eric — QtWebEngine-based HTML browser, part of the eric6 development toolset, can be launched with the eric6_browser command. || eric
  • Falkon — Web browser based on QtWebEngine, written in Qt framework. || falkon
  • Konqueror — Web browser based on Qt toolkit and Qt WebEngine (or KHTML layout engine), part of

kdebase. || konqueror
  • qutebrowser — A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebEngine. || qutebrowser