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1 Check this wiki's article coherency

Somebody with experience on Package maintaining should check the coherency of this article from top to bottom and updated those part whom need to, for the sake of the newbies hackers!.

2 More examples for the Building packages from source control

There are other version control than mercurial or git, so, more examples to build the correct url to point to the repo one package will download its source code to build the package should be written.

3 More details on setting GPGKEY

The instructions currently say: "To do package signing, you will need to set the GPGKEY variable. You either set it as an environmental variable, or in /etc/makepkg.conf, or in ~/.makepkg.conf." However, it is unclear to me, that how GPGKEY is set: 1) What is the syntax (in ~/.makepkg.conf, at least). 2) What is the value for GPGKEY? Is it the public or private key ID? How do I find out the value?