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This page describes possible incompatibilities of TeXLive packages included in Parabola GNU/Linux with the Free System Distribution Guidelines.

Everything below is based on files included in the source archives listed in the PKGBUILDs.

The word package refers here to a single TeXLive package, many of which are in Arch packages like texlive-core.

This list assumes that the source archives are the real source of the package and that they include all information needed to determine if a package is free. Both these assumptions are incorrect, so more packages will be listed as nonfree.

A package being listed in any group other than "No problems" doesn't mean that it doesn't have other problems – any of these problems requires removing the package or replacing it with a different source, possibly with other problems.

1 The task

  1. Check for each source package if it's free.
  2. Remove/replace nonfree packages.
  3. Remove/replace packages depending on them.
  4. Package the rest with appropriate sources.

2 Packages checked

2.1 texlive-core-2010.22154-1

2.1.1 Problems Generated files without source

Parabola source package doesn't contain sources for files generated e.g. by stripping comments from dtx files using docstrip. It's not considered acceptable in other free software projects. All packages checked have these sources on CTAN, it's just a problem of Arch/Parabola packaging.

  • 12many
  • amsmath
  • amstex
  • avantgar
  • babelbib
  • babel
  • bidi
  • binomexp
  • booktabs
  • bosisio
  • caption
  • ccfonts
  • colortbl
  • concmath
  • crop
  • cslatex
  • ctable
  • dvipdfmx-def
  • emp
  • eqnarray
  • eso-pic
  • euenc
  • euler
  • euro
    Requires distributing with source.
  • expl3
  • expressg
  • extpfeil
  • extsizes
  • faktor
  • fancyref
  • fancyvrb
  • feynmf
  • fix2col
  • fixlatvian
  • float
  • fontinst
  • fontspec
  • frontespizio
  • geometry
  • german
  • gmp
  • graphics
  • hyperref
  • ifluatex
  • index
  • ionumbers
  • itnumpar
  • kastrup
  • latex
  • layaureo
  • listings-ext
  • listings
  • lithuanian
  • luacode
  • luainputenc
  • luamplib
  • luaotfload
  • luasseq
  • luatexbase
  • luatextra
  • mathcomp
  • mattens
  • mdwtools
  • memoir
  • metalogo No license

Or unnamed license not included in the package.

  • anysize
  • automata
  • bibleref-german
  • bibtex8
  • cmextra
  • cm-super
  • commath
  • concrete
  • context-gnuplot
  • context
  • csbulletin
  • csplain
  • cweb
  • dviincl
  • dvips
  • enctex
  • etex
  • euro-ce
  • eurofont
  • eurosym
  • extarrows
  • featpost
  • fontwrap
  • fp
  • frenchle
  • garrigues
  • genmisc
  • harvardkyoto
  • jknapltx
    Various incorrect names of GNU GPL version 2.
  • jmn
  • kalender
    Not English.
  • latexconfig
  • lmextra
  • lualibs
  • mafr
  • makeindex
  • marvosym
  • mathspec
  • metaobj Missing files

LPPL requires including descriptions of changes and a reference to unmodified source if distributing package modified by e.g. removing some files. The easier way for us to avoid this problem would be to include the whole source.

  • ec
    Also includes files based on pl fonts which are currently probably nonfree.
  • lm Not all files have license
  • arabxetex
  • bbcard
    One is public domain, one no license, two free.
  • cmap
  • fontools
  • germbib
  • glyphlist
  • gustlib Possibly nonfree
  • charter
    In bchb8a.afm:
Comment Copyright 1987-1990 as an unpublished work by Bitstream Inc., Cambridge, MA.
Comment All rights reserved
Comment Confidential and proprietary to Bitstream Inc.
Comment Bitstream is a registered trademark of Bitstream Inc.
  • fontname
    Mostly lists of nonfree font names. TFMs for nonfree fonts, nonfree AFMs
  • bookman
  • courier
  • helvetic
  • metapost MeX license

Affected packages:

  • cc-pl
  • cs
    Includes files based on pl, also has files without licenses or just with copyright notices.
  • ec
  • mex

The following is stated in TeX macro packages there:

% This macro file belongs to the public domain
% under the conditions specified by the author of TeX:
%   ``Macro files like PLAIN.TEX should not be changed in any way,
%     except with respect to preloaded fonts,
%     unless the changes are authorized by the authors of the macros.''
%                                           Donald E. Knuth
% For details see MEXINFO.ENG or MEXINFO.POL.

It's clearly nonfree and different that what Knuth states in plain.tex:

% Unlimited copying and redistribution of this file are permitted as long
% as this file is not modified. Modifications are permitted, but only if
% the resulting file is not named plain.tex.

MEXINFO.ENG and MEXING.POL files are not included. CTAN has it in http://mirrors.ctan.org/language/polish/mex105.zip. This is the relevant fragment of MEXINFO.ENG:


The MeX package belongs to the public domain.

The MeX package may only be distributed in unchanged and complete form
including the files MEXINFO.ENG and MEXINFO.POL.
All the files constituting the MeX package are listed in the chapters
``Files'' and ``PL Fonts'' below.

Anyone who distributes the MeX package must obey one of the following
     1. there is no charge for distribution
or   2. the payment for the distribution of one diskette
        is not greater than the price of this diskette;
        in this case the distributor must make clear
        that this is a handling fee, not a license fee or purchase fee.

This package is distributed with no warranty of any sort.
The authors accept no responsibility for the consequences of using this

Each user must comply with all conditions specified by D. E. Knuth
regarding the use of TeX, METAFONT and related software.

(Not quoting the file lists, since we already don't include MEXINFO.ENG.)

Karl Berry wrote that he will talk to the authors about this license. Will be free in next version Public domain

In some jurisdictions works cannot be put into the public domain by authors, so checking if these packages were made there or if they include a free license is needed.

  • context-lettrine
  • context (only some files)
  • epsf
  • epsincl
  • frletter
  • hatching
  • latexmp
  • ltxmisc
  • metapost BSD-style license, not included
  • context-filter
  • context-mathsets
  • context-vim Missing uncommon free license text

Packages not including GPL, LGPL or LPPL are not listed here.

  • de-macro
    Academic Free License 2.1, free.

2.1.2 No problems

At least most of these don't include the license if it's GPL or LPPL. License compatibility wasn't checked. File renaming on modification requirement is not checked.

Some of these packages include hyphenation patterns or fonts without source, these files "can be understood and modified, on their own", so they are free.

  • accfonts
  • aeguill
  • ae
  • amscls
  • amsfonts
  • beamer
  • bib-fr
  • bibleref-french
  • bibtex
  • blockdraw_mp
  • boldtensors
  • bpolynomial
  • bundledoc
  • carlisle
  • cite
  • cm
  • context-bnf
  • context-chromato
  • context-construction-plan
  • context-degrade
  • context-french
  • context-fullpage
  • context-lilypond
  • context-simplefonts
  • context-simpleslides
  • context-typearea
  • context-typescripts
  • dehyph-exptl
  • drv
  • dviasm
  • dvipsconfig
  • epstopdf
  • etex-pkg
  • eurosans
  • exteps
  • fancybox
  • fancyhdr
  • findhyph
  • fpl
  • fragmaster
  • germkorr
  • hyphenex
  • hyph-utf8
  • iftex
  • ifxetex
  • installfont
  • isomath
  • koma-script
  • latex2man
  • latexdiff
  • latex-fonts
  • latexmk
  • lua-alt-getopt
  • mathpazo
  • metafont
  • metago
  • metaplot
  • metauml

2.1.3 To check

mflogo.tar.xz mfnfss.tar.xz mfpic4ode.tar.xz mfpic.tar.xz mfware.tar.xz mhequ.tar.xz mh.tar.xz microtype.tar.xz misc.tar.xz mkjobtexmf.tar.xz mp3d.tar.xz mpattern.tar.xz mpgraphics.tar.xz mptopdf.tar.xz ms.tar.xz multido.tar.xz multiobjective.tar.xz mwcls.tar.xz natbib.tar.xz nath.tar.xz ncntrsbk.tar.xz ntgclass.tar.xz oberdiek.tar.xz ordinalpt.tar.xz ot-tableau.tar.xz oubraces.tar.xz palatino.tar.xz parskip.tar.xz path.tar.xz pdfcrop.tar.xz pdfjam.tar.xz pdfpages.tar.xz pdftex-def.tar.xz pgf.tar.xz philokalia.tar.xz piechartmp.tar.xz pkfix-helper.tar.xz pkfix.tar.xz plain.tar.xz pl.tar.xz polski.tar.xz polyglossia.tar.xz powerdot.tar.xz proba.tar.xz psfrag.tar.xz pslatex.tar.xz psnfss.tar.xz pspicture.tar.xz purifyeps.tar.xz pxfonts.tar.xz qpxqtx.tar.xz rcs.tar.xz realscripts.tar.xz rec-thy.tar.xz roex.tar.xz rotating.tar.xz rsfs.tar.xz ruhyphen.tar.xz r_und_s.tar.xz sansmath.tar.xz section.tar.xz seminar.tar.xz sepnum.tar.xz setspace.tar.xz shuffle.tar.xz slideshow.tar.xz spanish-mx.tar.xz splines.tar.xz statex2.tar.xz statex.tar.xz stmaryrd.tar.xz sty2dtx.tar.xz suanpan.tar.xz subfig.tar.xz subsupscripts.tar.xz susy.tar.xz syllogism.tar.xz symbol.tar.xz synproof.tar.xz tablor.tar.xz tabvar.tar.xz tap.tar.xz tdsfrmath.tar.xz tensor.tar.xz texcount.tar.xz texdef.tar.xz texdiff.tar.xz texdirflatten.tar.xz tex-ewd.tar.xz tex-gyre.tar.xz texinfo.tar.xz texloganalyser.tar.xz tex-ps.tar.xz textcase.tar.xz textpath.tar.xz thmbox.tar.xz threeddice.tar.xz thumbpdf.tar.xz times.tar.xz tipa.tar.xz tools.tar.xz ttfutils.tar.xz turnstile.tar.xz txfonts.tar.xz typehtml.tar.xz ukrhyph.tar.xz ulem.tar.xz umlaute.tar.xz underscore.tar.xz unicode-math.tar.xz unisugar.tar.xz url.tar.xz utf8mex.tar.xz utopia.tar.xz variations.tar.xz venn.tar.xz wasysym.tar.xz wasy.tar.xz xcolor.tar.xz xecjk.tar.xz xecolour.tar.xz xecyr.tar.xz xeindex.tar.xz xepersian.tar.xz xesearch.tar.xz xetexconfig.tar.xz xetex-def.tar.xz xetexfontinfo.tar.xz xetex-itrans.tar.xz xetex-pstricks.tar.xz xetex.tar.xz xkeyval.tar.xz xltxtra.tar.xz xpackages.tar.xz xunicode.tar.xz yhmath.tar.xz ytableau.tar.xz zapfchan.tar.xz zapfding.tar.xz

3 Packages to check

  • texlive-bibtexextra
  • texlive-bin
  • texlive-core
  • texlive-fontsextra
  • texlive-formatsextra
  • texlive-games
  • texlive-genericextra
  • texlive-htmlxml
  • texlive-humanities
  • texlive-langcjk
  • texlive-langcyrillic
  • texlive-langextra
  • texlive-langgreek
  • texlive-latexextra
  • texlive-music
  • texlive-pictures
  • texlive-plainextra
  • texlive-pstricks
  • texlive-publishers
  • texlive-science

4 Resources to check