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1 Commands reminder

1.1 Virtualisation

virsh migrate --live --persistent --copy-storage-inc Parabola-32-T60 qemu+ssh://root@ #migrates local to remote host
virsh -c qemu+ssh://root@ migrate  --live --persistent --copy-storage-inc Parabola-32-T60 qemu:///system #migrate remote to local host


3 Setup of some of my machines

3.1 Parabola wiki TODO

  • Delete TransclusionTest
  • Restructure the device specific part of the ARM installation guide so the devices have their own page with sections that are included or referred to by the ARM installation guide
  • Install Mediawiki with the same setup than Parabola on a vm on my infrastructure and see how to "migrate" mediawiki to a newer version
  • Enable wikidata to be able to use SBC information from it (RAM size, etc).