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Patch Patch inline comments upstream / substainability
# maintain the TTY over USB disconnects
  • Hard to upstream
  • Convert to spatch for automatic rebasing?
# fix Atmel maXTouch touchscreen support
TODO: Upstream in linux-libre:
  • Make sure that the "firmware" is only configuration data
  • Enable to load that (like with ath9k_htc for instance)
# Arch's custom linux patches
Probably maintained by arch as the comment implies

armv7h specific

Patch upstream / substainability${_srcver%-*}/rcn-libre-${_srcver%-*}-$rcnrel.patch"{,.sig}
  • Probably maintained by arch
  • TODO: write documentation on how to generate a libre version of that patchset
0001-ARM-atags-add-support-for-Marvell-s-u-boot.patch TODO:
  • Look if that u-boot is packaged in Parabola
  • Look if there are other ways to pass the MAC address than this ATAG way
0003-SMILE-Plug-device-tree-file.patch TODO:
  • Find or buy the device
  • Upstream that patch in Linux (Easy)
0004-fix-mvsdio-eMMC-timing.patch TODO:
  • Find or buy the device
  • Try to find another way to do it (devicetree property?) and upstream it in Linux
0005-net-smsc95xx-Allow-mac-address-to-be-set-as-a-parame.patch TODO:
  • Look if other drivers do the same
  • If so, upstream in Linux, else: no idea.
0006-set-default-cubietruck-led-triggers.patch TODO:
  • Understand why the patch is needed. Does the cubytruck kernel does that by default?
  • The device has a nonfree and signed bootloader
  • The BL1 is most probably not redistributable


  • => Make sure that Parabola doesn't want to or can't support that device and drop the patch
0008-ARM-dove-enable-ethernet-on-D3Plug.patch TODO:
  • Check if the device is armv7
  • If so, buy the device
  • and upstream the patch (easy)