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1 Backgrounds

1.1 Hyperbola

Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre is founded by parts of Parabola hackers, which they aim to provide a stabilized and long-term supported pacman userland using a few Arch snapshots, and security patches from Debian stable, finally our nonfree blocklist.

Hyperbola has also terminated their systemd support since 0.2 and is now requiring OpenRC, as for init freedom. Parabola still has systemd but you are anyway free to switch to OpenRC which you need init freedom using Parabola.

To distinct Parabola from Hyperbola, simply Parabola is rolling and cutting-edged and Hyperbola is long-term supported and conservative.

1.2 Devuan

Devuan GNU/Linux is launched to be a Debian fork without systemd and focusing on init freedom, which also has a belief to be stable and conservative, so using a long-term supported release cycle.

2 Common aspects

  1. Both Hyperbola and Devuan are stable, conservative, and long-term supported.
  2. Both focus on free software and free culture.
  3. Both have guidelines for protecting your privacy even though Devuan has legal instructions against nonfree vendors.
  4. Both focus on init freedom which both have erased systemd anymore.
  5. Both are community-driven but also both communities are little in population class.
  6. Both need more attention for the conservative and init freedom commons in the free software communities.

3 Differences

  1. The userland of Hyperbola is pacman but one of Devuan is Debian.
  2. Devuan has Refracta to be the graphical install solution which Hyperbola not yet provides such thing, even though graphical ISOs.
  3. Hyperbola is using linux-libre-lts to be the kernel but Devuan is still using nonfree kernel.
  4. Hyperbola blacklists against every nonfree software, yet Devuan still has contrib and nonfree pools.

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