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My names is Marius, I've got around at Parabola coming from Arch. I'm a software developer for Varnish by day and a sleeper by night.

1 Life before Parabola

I've been running Arch for roughly 10 years and have not been really looking for a switch, though I've tried as much as possible to be fsf-ish with my Arch can only do so much.

Eventually I believe it's a combination of curiosity and a fsf compliance wish that got me here.

2 Moving to Parabola

Not that much to say here, really! The entire transition was pretty slick, upgrading (notice the use of "upgrade" instead of "migrate") from Arch to Parabola was literally a matter of a couple of minutes.

Just followed these steps here.

The community is very nice and helpful - I've always got my questions answered so a big kudos to all of them.

Having said that - I'll still continue to be an Arch supporter but I will put a lot of focus here as well.

3 Used software

  • Arch/Parabola
  • Vim
  • Ranger
  • Surf/Qutebrowser
  • i3
  • fish

4 Preferred hardware

By far the Thinkpad X230