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1 About me

Parabola actual virtual sticker. To see the previous version, see here

Hi everybody. I'm a Chilean guy passionate for free software, and I consider ethics very important.

I'm bilingual, I can speak Spanish and English. I've wrote articles, translate them and improved some others. I'm also a package maintainer.

2 Some artwork

I created the "Powered by Parabola" virtual sticker. Initially, I used Sans for the "Powered by" phrase, but now I use URW Gothic. If you want to translate it, there is no problem: I leave it unlicensed. It's also available in Spanish.

3 Parabola OpenRC Edition

I'm currently working in the creation of Parabola ISOs using OpenRC as the init system. For now, I've uploaded the Parabola MATE OpenRC ISO. I remastered the original ISO to achieve that, but I'm looking for a built-from-scratch OpenRC ISO made with Parabolaiso, so if you know how to use it, you can help me!

4 Contact

You can contact me through:

Feenode: Megver83



Kontalk and mobile: +56 9 5630 2363


GNUSocial: @megver83

Diaspora: David P.


5 Translate my profile

If you know another language feel free to translate my profile. I'd be very thankful!