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1 Heather: Welcome to Parabola wiki

Hi,this is my real username. "Heather" was a mistake on the board where we met and WAY too distracting.

I'm looking forward to running the parabola install script again as soon as I can.

English is my native language and I am not exactly fluent in anything else, I just enjoy playing with words and learning new things. If I ever sound like a condescending jerk, please call me out on it; it's not intentional and I'm tired of limiting myself to only talking to native English speakers.

That's not healthy for anyone these days.

Like you I don't limit myself to the British English (or sometime USA English) communities (though free software forums are usually English), and my native language is Hong Kong Chinese and I've been also tutoring to my friends for free software in Hong Kong Chinese.:SunSmiley:
Remember that no people are perfect in English language skills, which the expectations of onpon5 to us are totally unreasonable, languages are just needed to be understandable, we aren't here attending to sth like an IELTS exam, though I'm of course capable to this exam.;)Hd scania (talk) 01:41, 19 January 2018 (UTC)

The whole thing just strikes me as so stupid!

2 Heather: March 17, 2018

Anyway, it turned out that the drive I was trying the Parabola install script was every bit as inadequate as my own knowledge of Hong Kong history, so that's probably all the problem was in the first place.

My ability to access information and education is limited.

There is a new refurbished drive on the way from some corporation or another so I'll just try again and get back to you if I have any more problems. I had to leave that internet forum board so I'm even more grateful for your polite response and compassionate support than I was the last time I wrote. There are no college classes or paid customer support contracts in my future or those of my unfortunate children. Activists like yourself are pretty much all that is left to lower caste like ourselves. Just please be as careful as you can---you are a biological organism and, in my own limited experience, most likely incapable of understanding your true value to our species. :)

3 Heather: March 18, 2018


3.1 Slackware

Although unrelated to Parabola, I also wanted to mention two other free as in freedom possibilities for your common distros project. Neither are officially approved by the FSF, but both are systemd-free and based on something different, Slackware:

I ran non-free Slackware for several years and enjoyed it quite a lot. It is stable, not bleeding edge, so there may be some security issues. I liked the way it respected the intelligence of its users and found it fun, simple, and easy to understand:
Like you I’m also running nonfree PCLinuxOS (independent) and nonfree Calculate (Gentoo-based), that both are systemd-free like the Slackware ecosystems, if interested you can just try out of the box.Hd scania (talk) 13:34, 19 March 2018 (UTC)

3.2 pacman, the Arch package manager

My little miracle was born in 2008 and for some reason I thought I needed to spend less time on computing and switched to Ubuntu and other .deb based distros because I thought they would be "easier". That didn't quite work out as planned. ;)

Slackware based distros might appeal to the same kind of intelligent people who would be attracted to Parabola and Hyperbola, but would prefer stability over bleeding edge. I am also concerned about upstream issues with Arch and systemd, so I just wanted to make sure you knew that this was another possibility for us.

Like Trisquel or Devuan or Slackware or and unlike Parabola, Hyperbola is a LTS system where Parabola is rolling one.Hd scania (talk) 13:34, 19 March 2018 (UTC)

Hyperbola is what I'm learning with now, which is probably enough since I am completely new to pacman based systems. I honestly put it away in frustration and humiliation and booted it up yesterday to copy some error messages and ask for help before I realized that I actually had a perfectly usable install, I just need to configure openbox, which I actually prefer to a DE anyway, and learn a few sustainable options to lazy habits. :)

Systemd seems to have been a wakeup call to a lot of people like myself who have let ourselves become too dependent on "experts", not so much out of laziness as out of time constraints and the stress of our cultures' disrespect for their lower caste. It's hard not to internalize that after a half century or more.

I don't work in IT so old but stable will do and Parabola will take Hyperbola's place as my "testing distro" when I have more experience with pacman and a reliable drive to put it on.

April 6, 2018

Feel free to edit this discussion as you wish, since I have veered so far off topic and have basically been using it as a private chat. I am using Hyperbola as my main distro now. There have been some silly mistakes:

I prefer to log in from the terminal. When "startx" didn't bring up a GUI, I mistakenly thought my install was broken or "didn't work" when all I needed to do was use the command "/usr/bin/name-of-WM-or-DE instead. I was also unfamiliar with openbox and rather spoiled by the Debian menu in fluxbox, so it was easy to mistake "all ready to configure" for "doesn't work". Once I was able to see a graphical file manager in openbox, it was easy and obvious that XFCE and Mate were both functional, but the command was "startx /usr/bin/xfce4-session" or "mate-session".

Things went very smoothly the third time I installed, which was last night; I don't want to forget the small and discouraging details or how important it was to me, as a new user, to have continued support from you and our mutual friend and your faith in my ability to figure these things out in my own way and in my own time.

Enabling multilib on my 64 bit machine could also have been easier if I hadn't been so embarassed about my vision issues.

This is a difficult time for the "intermediate user" who wants to keep learning and growing. I greatly appreciate all of your effort and hard work and hope to be able to continue helping others and contributing to the Free Software Community, which has been a very meaningful and important part of my own life for fourteen years and has brought me into contact with amazing people all over the world from many different walks of life.

My negative experiences on the other board have taught me how lucky I have been as well as how many different ways people live and think. I definitely made my share of mistakes and was not vicitimized or "run off the board in disgrace", as painful as it may have felt at the time in the privacy of my own mind.

A lot of what I say publicly about what the Free Software Movement means to me as an individual comes off as hyperbole and a "self-deprecating sense of humour" when it is a simple statement of fact. Native English speakers deserve the same consideration that comes naturally to non-native speakers when I am misunderstood and I also need to protect myself and my family by sharing fewer specific personal anecdotes and communicating in more general terms.

None of which has but so much to do with Parabola, which I will need to learn how to maintain for the young person in my life so that they can focus on coding, artwork, and their other passions and perhaps also for the musician in my life who might need newer software and more tech support so that they can focus on giving us all their music.

3.3 Swaps

Also, I'm going to take your advice about the swap partition, especially since I intend to clone from a 160 gig drive to a full TB once I get my new OS working the way I want it to; 唔該. :) 一種語言永遠不夠 but 我隻氣墊船裝滿晒鰻 ;)

Thanks using my advices for swaps that you will be happy to use more swaps to prevent high processor temp or to save session during hibernation.Hd scania (talk) 13:34, 19 March 2018 (UTC)

4 Heather: Onpon

Oh well. Onpon is young and you're younger. Sooner or later she's going to realize that she's just stabbing herself in the back. Of course I like you so of course I want you to have a good life, but some activists are just born that way and my quick first impression is that you are one of them so you're not going to listen to a darned thing I say about being careful. ;)

Books were my best friends when I was a kid. The teachers always gave me bad marks on spelling tests, but I don't care. Leaving out all the "u"s in words like "colour" just looks dumb. I spell the way I spell and if they couldn't tell the difference between "such adorably cute poetry for such a little girl" and rage at the Prussian-style mandatory mass "education" system that isn't sustainable then I don't think it's worth either of us getting upset about. :)

Anyway, I was getting some 404 errors with the Parabola install script, which I wasn't about to mention on that board. Ali Miracle had a few spelling minor issues in the script for Delta that he could fix right up once I ran it and we figured out that was all it was.

Parabola has been on my back burner for so long that I'll need to rerun the script on a different drive and figure out how to do some sort of screenshots that are legible before we can do any troubleshooting, but at least we can talk freely now. I have a patched kernel on Uruk for communicating online and am that much closer to being able to help out as much as I can.

If nothing else, thank you so much for not letting that nonsense get to you. Everyone in my country probably deserves a bit of compassion--we're all stark raving mad right now and I'm no exception. Empires rise and fall like waves on the shore and when Donald Trump, or "Agent Orange" as I call him, is nothing more than a footnote to a footnote in a history book, the work you have taken on your own shoulders is what is going to matter. You didn't have to do this any more than rms had to create Gnu in the first place. You're doing it because it's the right thing and because you are young and strong and because we oldsters just got too tired or torn in too many directions with responsibilities or we just wear out and get too beaten down and bitter to hope any more.

But the little green sprouts that reach up through the cracks in the pavement towards the light of the sun still believe that life could turn out to be something beautiful. You are worth living for. I need to take care of my health because I want to be around to see what happens next. :)