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1 Ex Trisquel user

It was my very first 100% libre distro. In fact, I'm in the Trisquel's forum as Megver83.

2 Distros that I've used

I haven't used many, in fact I use GNU/Linux since the end of 2015. I began with Xubuntu, then Ubuntu, later with Trisquel and finally with Parabola. I think that it's the best distro ever.

3 Education

Actually I'm advancing with a free software implementation project in my school, I've advance a lot and I think that it's possible to achieve it. I've made talks, I was in a science fair, etc. What's coming now is the implementation itself. Later I'll put links where you can watch videos about, if someone wants to help me, you're welcome!

3.1 Science fair

This was the first activity about free software, although it was not so good.

Entrance to my stand, located in the school's library.

3.2 Talk

Once I did a talk in my school, here are some photos

3.3 Free software spread

Now, in most classrooms there is a free software conceptual map like the one in this locker.

You can see and download it here