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Please help improve the wiki by updating the article and correcting mistakes.

Parabola GNU/Linux has migrated its wiki to MediaWiki to allow for a more comprehensive and automated wiki.

1 How Can I Help?

  • Join the discussion in the Parabola IRC channel on Freenode: #parabola-wiki
  • Wiki Wednesdays Spend time each Wednesday helping move/create/edit content for the wiki.
  • Grab a page from the old wiki and reformat & import it for the new wiki.
  • If you use a page from the Arch Linux wiki, move it over to Parabola.
  • Help translate pages

2 To Do's

  • move all old wiki pages to new wiki
  • activate i18n template
  • clean up background/css link to css scripts stored locally

3 For Discussion/Development

  • Keeping content free - require review before edits are live?
  • Search with filter -- Parabola & Arch
  • bot to review against non free blacklist
  • Use Spam blacklist to block nonfree?
  • Require captcha if linking to an external site? (would not include links to Arch Linux or Parabola)

4 Migrated pages

old-wiki new-wiki merge?
hacking:blacklist hacking:blacklist How to Blacklist a package
hacking:crosscompile hacking:crosscompile
hacking:isos hacking:isos hacking:ISOs
hacking:librerepo hacking:librerepo
hacking:packagers hacking:packagers
mips:installation mips:installation MIPS Installation
mips:start mips:start
propaganda:crisol_talk_2010 propaganda:crisol_talk_2010
social:start social:start
abslibre abslibre
beginners_guide beginners_guide Beginners' Guide, Beginners' Guide/Appendix
blacklist blacklist
create_libre_packages create_libre_packages
doc doc
get get
git-daemon git-daemon
installation_guide installation_guide
installation_hack installation_hack
irc_channels irc_channels IRC Channels
irc_meeting_2011_01_27 irc_meeting_2011_01_27
join join
librebuilder librebuilder
librepatch librepatch
license_database license_database
maintain_packages maintain_packages
manual_installation manual_installation
media media
migration-results migration-results
migration migration
mips mips
mono mono
parabolaweb parabolaweb
project_presentation project_presentation
propaganda propaganda
repo-maintainer repo-maintainer
repos repos
socialcontract socialcontract
start start
sugar sugar
todo todo
translations translations
vserver vserver