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Welcome to the Parabola wiki!

For a list of articles in this wiki check the Table of Contents.

1 What is Parabola?

Parabola is a Free Software and Free Culture project aiming to provide a fully Free as in freedom GNU/Linux distribution called Parabola GNU/Linux-libre. It is based on the packages of the Arch (the GNU/Linux distribution) and possibly other Arch-based systems, with packages optimized for i686, x86_64, and armv7h CPUs. Parabola aims to keep its package and management tools simple. The primary goal is to give the user complete control over their system with 100% Free Software and Free Culture. Parabola GNU/Linux-libre is listed by the Free Software Foundation as a fully Free Software distribution.

Development is focused on a balance of simplicity, elegance, code-correctness and bleeding edge Free Software.

Its lightweight and simple design makes it easy to extend and mold into whatever kind of system you're building.

You can find us on #parabola or mailing list.

1.1 General documentation

The Installation Guide will walk you through the process of downloading an ISO from our Repositories and installing Parabola GNU/Linux-libre on your system. We have separate installation instructions for the armv7h and mips64el (discontinued) architectures.

If you are running the GNU/Linux distribution of Arch, migrating to Parabola GNU/Linux-libre is as simple as reconfiguring pacman to use its repositories. See the Migration guides for x86 and armv7h for instructions.

Be sure to take a look at the Parabola Social Contract, it guides us in all we do.

1.2 FAQ

Our frequently asked questions is to provide answers to questions often asked by users who moved to Parabola GNU/Linux-libre from the GNU/Linux distribution of Arch and other non-Free GNU/Linux ones. It discusses issues caused by making the system completely Free. For explanation on technical details of the system look at Arch FAQ.

2 How to help

Parabola is made by volunteers.

See our How to help page for things you can do.