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If you appreciate Parabola and the work we've been doing all these years, please consider making a donation to keeping the distro going. :)

1 How can I contribute?

1.1 Parabola hacker or artist

You can consider becoming a Parabola hacker or artist!

1.2 Monetary donations

Parabola can currently accept donations via Liberapay. Donations made through Liberapay go to Parabola developers, as thanks for their efforts.


1.3 Hardware donations (What does Parabola need the most?)

Parabola is run by volunteers, and has no formal funding; but Parabola is expensive, so we need to cover some operating expenses. Luckily, the most essential hardware has been gifted directly, so far.

We also need to acquire more new libre-friendly hardware, of which we are unable to buy all which could be supported and recommended. As we can identify, acquire, and support the most libre-friendly computers available, those can be denoted with high-priority support status.

  • Infrastructure
    • Repo server - (☑ 'Winston' - currently donated by 1984)
    • Web server - (☑ 'Newtron' - currently donated by the FSF)
    • Build server - (☑ 'Beefcake' - currently donated by Luke Shumaker)
  • Also (ideally):
    • Paid hacker(s) to work on Parabola full-time
    • A(nother) libre project can become sustainable

2 Thanks!

This is a list of our generous hardware donors.

2.1 Hardware Donations

Date Type Donor Item(s) Where is it?
2014?-2019 Service Jonathan Gowar Proton server (VPS) Positive Internet (england)
2016-present Service 1984 Winston server (VPS) 1984 (Iceland)
2018-present Service Luke Shumaker Beefcake server (Asus D16) lukeshu (Colorado)
2020-?? Hardware Rhombus Tech EOMA68 prototype oaken-source (Germany)
2020-04 Hardware Freenode:marius_m i7 CPU
bill-auger (Massachusettes)
2021-02 Hardware Olimex Freedombox Server (gen2)
Lime2 Server (gen3)
bill-auger (Massachusettes)
2021-2022 Service Vikings Newtron co-lo server (Asus D8) Vikings (Germany)
2022-01 Hardware Libera:shroomreactionar Thinkpad T500 (cobbled, in R500 chassis) bill-auger (Massachusettes)
2022-02 Hardware Libera:srvntx Thinkpad 90W power supply bill-auger (Massachusettes)
2023-02 Hardware Olimex Teres laptop with debug cable bill-auger (Massachusettes)
2023-present Service FSF Newtron server (VPS) FSF (Massachusettes)
2023-05 Hardware Pine64 PineBookPro laptop with debug cable bill-auger (Massachusettes)

2.2 Itemized historical records, prior to mid-2017