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A torrent tracker is a server application that tracks torrents and peers that seed or leech them, allowing their communications. Wikipedia:Distributed hash table is making them obsolete, but they still may be useful for low peer torrents.

Add the [social] repo from Parabola repositories.

   # $EDITOR /etc/pacman.conf
   Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist # If you're using Parabola
   Server =$arch # If you're not

Install the opentracker package. Opentracker is a tiny C-written tracker that was once used at The Pirate Bay tracker. It has many options that can be enabled at compile time. This package is built for serving an open tracker. This means that any torrent configured to announce itself to it will be allowed. If you're worried someone may misuse your tracker, you can rebuild it with whitelist or blacklist support by getting the PKGBUILD from ABSLibre.

   # pacman -Sy opentracker

Run the daemon:

   # rc.d start opentracker

That's it! Now create a torrent using this URL:



You can check the tracker stats by querying the /stats URI.

   wget -q -O -