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It contains Free documents, fonts, images, sounds and videos.

1 Distributed and Published files

Official files are distributed and published in the POM (Parabola Official Multimedia) sources, see Source below.
And some file are distributed and published in the files list of the Parabola wiki (MediaWiki):

Note: On future, the multimedia files will be distributed and published in the Parabola media hosting (GNU MediaGoblin).

2 Sources

2.1 POM (Parabola Official Multimedia), formerly PAC (Parabola Art Collection):

Sources contains official multimedia files:

Note: These two sources will be moved to GNU Bazaar revision control system (and sources for the Parabola community)

2.2 Some Parabola original, classic logotypes and community artworks

Source contains Parabola original-2013/classic logotypes and some community artworks: