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PCK (Parabola Community Kernel) are multiple patches based on pf-kernel and zen-kernel for Linux-libre kernel which provides you with a handful of awesome features not merged into mainline. It is based on neither existing Linux-libre fork nor patchset, although some unofficial ports may be used if required patches haven't been released officially.

Included patches for 5.5.7-gnu-pck1:

   GNU Linux-libre mainline update
   Zen Kernel patches
   USB debug gadget kernel module patch
   Atmel maXTouch touchscreen patch
   Arch Linux ARM patches

Previous patches and others:

   [m] graysky's kernel GCC patch
   [m] BFS
   [m] BFQ I/O scheduler
   [o] Knock
   [o] Radeon driver patch
   [r] TuxOnIce

[m] — accepted and merged in another patch, [w] — accepted, but still waiting for release, [t] — temporary fix,
[o] — obsolete, [r] — removed indefinitely or not yet available