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This page is kept for historical interest. Any information may not be correct. If you want to revive the topic, you can use the talk page

Parabola GNU is developing it's own Statusnet instance. The instance will serve as a new way of thinking of a forum as well as a social aspect for the Parabola GNU project with multiple ways of interacting. Issues regarding the set up of this instance will be listed here. Please use the discussion tab to weigh in.

1 URL for the site

  • The Statusnet instance will be the first use of our domain

Should the statusnet url be:

  • (single letter)
  • ????

Using a subdomain preserves the option of migrating the main to in the future.

It would also be possible to have the statusnet site be at and this would be the landing page with subdomains for About Packages Wiki, etc.

2 Site type

In keeping with the goals of Parabola GNU this site should not be private. However spam and attacks are real concerns.


  • Open site with moderation. Statusnet comes with good tools for cleaning/deleting spam quickly but requires oversight by moderators
  • Invite only removes many spam issues, but is less "open" and "welcoming"

3 Interaction methods

  • WebUI
  • virtually any Statusnet/Identica client
  • command line tools
  • XMPP
  • Email/SMS (future)

4 Site features

  • Federation with other OStatus sites
  • Upload images and txt files
  • Groups (that Identica/SN users can remote subscribe to)
  • Mirrored RSS feeds for package updates and Parabola GNU news
  • Events
  • Blog posts
  • tags and tag subscriptions