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Liri is a desktop environment with modern design and features. Liri is the merge between Hawaii, Papyros and the Liri Project.

Warning: Liri is currently in alpha stage and there might be issues.

1 Installation

Add the following lines to your /etc/pacman.conf file:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =

Then run:

sudo pacman -Su --noconfirm --force --needed liri-git --assume-installed qt5-webengine
Warning: liri-browser-git is dependent on nonfree Qt-WebEngine which is just a virtual package in Parabola, the Liri browser will mostly face libraries issues due to missing Qt-WebEngine.

1.1 Other applications

For additional functionality, you may wish to install the following:

  • liri-files — Material design file manager for Liri. || liri-files-git
  • liri-player — Material design media player for Liri. || liri-player-git
  • liri-settings — Settings application and modules for Liri. || liri-settings-git
  • liri-terminal — Terminal for Liri. || liri-terminal-git

2 Starting the desktop

2.1 Run with SDDM or GDM

Login managers that support Wayland such as SDDM and GDM can run a Liri session.

2.2 Run from a tty

Log in to a tty and type:

$ liri-session

The session manager automatically detects the hardware and will run the compositor accordingly.

However the mode can be forced, for example to force nested mode and run inside Weston:

$ liri-session -platform wayland
Note: Do not use ~/.xinitrc to start Liri. Xinit is commonly used to start Xorg, but Liri uses Wayland, which is a newer graphical protocol.

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4 Acknowledgement

This wiki article is based on ArchWiki. We may have removed non-FSDG bits from it.