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Learn to contribute to [pcr]

i suggest that the "Learn to contribute to [pcr]" section should be in the 'How_to_help' article - it is closely related to and a prerequisite of multiple points in the existing HOWTO 'packaging' section --> - joining the team is not necessary for testing and fixing PKGBUILDS - we should hope everyone learns how

the heading "contributing to PCR" seems to imply filling open packaging requests for new packages - a great idea but not related to becoming a hacker - if this section is only about getting new packages into the repos, there is discussion of a community-operated PUR - that would be quite appropriate

"becoming a hacker", in the context of this page, is about joining the dev team in an "official" sense - one can join the parabola team as "hacker" or also as "community", which is apparently not expressed in this article - the title of this article could be:

 "How to become a parabola 'hacker' or 'trusted community' team member"

"trusted community" members would have the top access level on the bug tracker and forum; such as to assign themselves to packaging requests --bill-auger (talk) 22:47, 18 August 2019 (UTC)

I like the rather short descriptions in How to help. And for the Package maintainer guide it seem's too less technical.
Probably this section should just have it's own section? -- Theova (talk) 15:08, 23 August 2019 (UTC)
I have moved the section to How to contribute to Parabola's Repositories -- Theova (talk) 14:54, 7 April 2020 (UTC)